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Dock Kings

AT244 Anchor Tensioner

AT244 Anchor Tensioner

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Anchor Tensioner: Protect Your Dock

Stop the dockside drama! Say goodbye to snapping lines, swaying docks, and sleepless nights worrying about the next storm. The Dock Kings Anchor Tensioner is your secret weapon for a stress-free, secure dock haven.

Here's how it works:

    • Reduces Wind and Wave Action: Our heavy-duty latex strands stretch up to 2x, soaking up the shock of waves, wind, and passing boats. No more jolting jolts or snapped lines!
    • Always on Guard: This ingenious tensioner maintains constant pressure on your anchor line, keeping your dock snug and secure, even in fluctuating water levels.
    • Gentle Giant: Unlike rigid chains and cables, the tensioner's gentle stretch protects your dock hardware from wear and tear. No more cracked cleats or splintered pilings!
    • Easy on the Environment: Ditch the noisy, anchor-dragging days. The Anchor Tensioner's smooth, shock-absorbing action protects the delicate seabed from harmful jolts.

More than just peace of mind:

    • Easy to Install: Attaches seamlessly to your existing mooring system in minutes.
    • Durable Design: Built with marine-grade components and UV-resistant nylon, it's ready for the harshest weather.
    • Versatile Hero: Works with any floating structure, from docks and boats to jet skis and rafts.

Components: Double-Sleeve Nylon Cover, SS/GAL Clips, Duel Premium Latex Strands (safely use to 2x elongation and recovery).

Optional End Connectors are listed.

Custom configurations/lengths are available upon special request.

Installation instructions are listed in the images.

For wholesale pricing on orders of 21 units or more, please contact us directly.

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