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Push-Pull HD Tri-Toon Barge Rental

Push-Pull HD Tri-Toon Barge Rental

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Our Push-Pull HD Tri-Toon Barge Rental offers a 12-foot by 23-foot solid PT Decking and 24-inch HDPE Heavy Wall Pontoons, making it perfect for transporting your freight with ease and convenience.

  • With a capacity of 6000Lbs, this barge is perfect for safely transporting large and bulky items to and from your island properties.
  • Whether you need to move appliances, household items, building supplies, or vehicles, this barge is versatile and reliable.
  • Can be pulled or pushed.
  • A rental agreement for 3-day / 7-day rental periods at $600 / $1000 respectively.
  • Proper Government ID and Security Deposit are Required $3000.00
  • Delivery/Pickup to launch is charged at $3.50/km/P2A2W9.
Trust our expertise in providing exceptional barge rental services for your logistics needs.
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